Fee Structure for Individuals is as follows:

I use the career counseling methodology of assessing interests, values, and skills as part of a comprehensive career planning strategy to do work that is satisfying over time. I suggest that clients, who have not undertaken formal career planning before, consider a 3-session plan:

SESSION #1 1.0 hour Current situation briefing and assessment of interests
SESSION #2 1.0 hour Strategic planning and action steps
SESSION #3 1.0 hour Review of follow-up and consultation

Counseling and Coaching Fees:
● $80 per hour for an individual counseling session
● $45 per half-hour resume review or cover letter review
● $225 for the 3 session plan outlined above

● $125 per hour for an individual coaching session

The content of all counseling and coaching sessions is confidential.

Payment and Cancellation Policy:
Payment is due at time of service. A 24-hour advance notice for cancellation is required.

Distinction between coaching and counseling:
Coaching emphasizes planning and action and does not go into depth about the past. If issues arise that are out of the scope of the coaching process, it is the client's responsibility to seek a licensed professional.

Adjustments and Sliding Scales:
My clients typically aim to use their skills and talents towards the public good, therefore my fees are reduced. As a public service, I also offer a sliding scale to people who are currently enrolled in National Youth or Elder Service programs such as AMERICORPS, NCCC, or VISTA. Please don’t hesitate to contact me about your unique situation.