ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE for Ande Diaz Educational Consulting


Our vision is to help create a vibrant, peaceful, and sustainable planet inhabited by engaged citizens.


We work with individuals and organizations to support educational programming approaches and practices that foster engaged world citizens – persons who think critically, are compassionate, and respect differing viewpoints and backgrounds.

Founded: 1994

Services provided:

We provide services in 6 areas: 1) project management, 2) evaluation, 3) research, 4) training curricula, 5) career counseling & 6) coaching. 

To organizations/institutions we provide research study design, project management, program and course evaluation, staff development, and training and facilitation in a range of areas. Client goals usually include civic education, diversity or organizational change efforts.

To individuals we provide coaching and counseling services on a range of career, organizational and professional development issues.

Selected publications include:

“I was the one percenter: Manny Diaz and the beginnings of a black-Puerto Rican coalition” (Journal of American Ethnic History, 2007)

“Civic engagement: a study of changes in college” (Academic Exchange Quarterly, 2007)

The Harvard College Guide to Careers in Public Service by Ande Diaz (296 pg, Harvard, 2000)

ArtWORK: A Guide to Job Hunting & Resources in the Arts (24 pg. monograph Harvard, 1994)

Selected research and practice areas include:

Active citizenship, arts education, civic engagement, civic fellows programs, community based learning, Intergroup and sustained dialogue initiatives, K12 and higher education collaborations, national youth service, and not-for-profit or independent/3rd sector.

Email us at:

Mail us at: P.O. Box 7491, Brockton, MA 02303


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