Services to Individuals

Ande provides coaching and counseling services to individuals on a range of organizational and professional development issues. She has a specialty in career related work and spent 7 years on staff at the Harvard Office of Career Services guiding clients in media, arts, and public service careers. Ande loves working with clients who want their work to make a difference. Although a generalist, Ande has direct experience or extensive research in several areas. For review of Research and Practice areas click here.

Ande first started working with individual clients through the Harvard Office of Career Services in 1990 and added clients through her private practice beginning in 1994. She has worked with over 4200 individual clients. 


Past clients include: an arts manager interested in cooperative and sustainable living/working environments; a writer in L.A. who took a development position at a film production company; an Americorps member who volunteered with HIV infected infants and found a job at a not-for-profit organization; a writer/photographer who obtained a position at a publishing company and several years later used the same skills she developed with Ande to pursue an overseas position in Europe; and most recently an executive director of a university research center in transition and pursuing academic jobs.


Ande Diaz Educational Consulting works with diverse clients and welcomes clients who want to identify employment in supportive niches such as black owned businesses or “gay friendly” work places. If you know someone who is pondering, “I am trying to figure out what do to with my life,” and think they might benefit from clarifying his or her goals and putting together a plan of action, please invite them to contact Ande. 


Fee Structure for Individuals